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…modern suburban community with an excellent infrastructure and countless cultural activities
Apart from a large trading estate and attractive new residential areas, the community of Lohfelden offers a highly diversified cultural life. For example, the concerts and events held during Lohfelden's “Löwenhoftage” are known and appreciated far beyond the rural district. More than 120 asso¬ciations and clubs offer a great variety of sports, music, and recreational activities for young and old, plus numerous festivities, concerts, and other events.

With its collection of historic carriages, wagons, and craftsmen's tools, the “Hessische Kutschen- und Wagen¬museum” is unique in the region.
Local recreation is possible in the nearby Söhre valley or in the woods of the “Kaufunger Wald”, as well as in the “Vorsterpark” and Lohfelden's new “Green Center”. A large number of cycling routes and footpaths invite you to explore the surrounding countryside.

Lohfelden is also part of the regional “Märchenlandweg” (fairy tale hiking route) with a sculpture based on the fairytale “The story of a youth who went forth to learn what fear was”.

Eight works of art in Lohfelden are part of the "ARS Natura x3" footpath, which goes from Hann. Münden in the north of the region to Spangenberg in the south. The nature trail “Cultural history in Loh¬felden” gives fascinating insights into the history of the original villages Crumbach, Ochshausen, and Vollmarshausen.

Inter-municipal trading estate “Am Lohfeldener Rüssel”
In addition to very good public transport, Lohfelden offers an excellent infrastruc¬ture. Since summer 2005, in a joint venture with the city of Kassel, Lohfelden has been developing the new trading estate “Am Lohfeldener Rüssel” with more than 20 hectares of freely allottable space with direct access to the Autobahn A7. Trading, manufacturing, and logistics companies with permits in accordance with § 8 of the Land Use Ordinance (BauNVO) can settle on the estate.

Attractive building sites
So far, more than 300 new homes have been or are being built in the Lindenberg housing estate, with a magnificent view of the Herkules – Kassel's landmark. Information about further building sites is provided by the Real Estate Office (Liegenschaftsverwaltung) in Lohfelden's town hall.

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